Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In Memoriam...

I will be out of pocket so they say due to a death in my fmaily. My grandmother has passed away this evening in Texas and we have to go there...

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I have been trying to think about some topic to post about. I am drawing a blank on this subject today; I guess that I am tired and have lots to do on my days off. I need to get my car inspected!  That is my number 1 priority for Thursday. IT has been really quiet since the weekend and the DC trip.  I really enjoyed that and i hope to get a few night shots of downtown Richmond soon to post as well. If I find something that pricks my interest, I will make a post...


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Updates to the website

I have made some changes to our Pic page on our website. I also posted a link to the pic page on my BLOG also. SO, go and look...

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Washington D.C. at night

Looking down Pennsylvania Ave toward The Capital.

This is the Washington Monument at night.

WE took a quick trip to DC last night and i got some sweet pics using out Sony Cybershot 5.1mp with a 12x optical zoom on night mode with no flash. Some turned out very nice and a few sucked, but this was really the first time for em to use the night mode like that.

Here is a Pic of the Lincoln Memorial.

Dc is about 120 miles from our house and there was a Anti-War Protest going on! The police were out in FULL FORCE!! I have never see so many cops congregated in one place at one time. Wow!! Here a few pics from last night. We had a really good time walking around to the different monuments. The temp was cool, but not freezing! and there was still snow on the ground in some paces. The reflecting pool was drained as was the pools around the WW2 memorial. as always, the Korean War Memorial was breath taking, the realism and detail on the hulking statues are amazing and in my opinion, on of the very best War Memorials in DC.

This is a pic looking back at The White House and The Washington Monument from the Jefferson Memorial across the Potomac River. The White House is just to the left of the Monument.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Moutain Biking Part 2...

As I stated on a previous post, we went biking at a park called Powhite Park. Our friend brought a GPS and mapped the trails. here is the pic of that superimposed over a Googel Earth photo. Very cool!! Part of the photo has not been updated, but I hope that they will update it soon.

Here it is!!!

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Off time...

Well, this weekend is some much needed downtime. I slept in until 11:15 this morning and got out of bed. I am listening to some good "psytrance" from a band called Symphonix. This music would have sounded good at a club in Beaumont Texas called "The Palladium" They had a killer soundsystem with a very awesome light show!!

It is very cold here today and it is not going to get out of the 30s. But tomorrow it will be like 50, BIG temperature change tomorrow. but then back cold by next week.
Thankx to www.NBC12.com for the weather forecast. Their site is very good if you want to know about our local news.

You know when you need to get tires, but you don't have the time? For one thing, my tires for my Toyota Tacoma are a very strange size: P256/65R17 and most places do not carry that size on hand.

Well, We ordered tires online from Wal*Mart and i am still waiting for them. IT is the 26th of January and my sticker goes out on February 1. I hope that the tires come in soon so i can get them and then get my car inspected. I have over 44,000 miles on my old set. I think that i have gotten the good out of them!

Well, more later. i think that i will post about and make a few pics of my different types of house plants that i have.


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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A difference in language....

To borrow this from www.reuters.uk, We, I mean me, has never heard this word before used like this. We do not get many sayings here that I have ever heard of. Here is the link to this article. It is funny to hear what other people from around the world say to common situations here in the USA that we face everyday.

How other people see and refer to things is very funny to me. I am on several mailing lists that have lots of European persons on there and sometimes, they use slang that we have never heard. They will if asked to, explain what it means. So, this is a very interesting bit of trivia.

CANBERRA (Reuters) - Australians love their muffin tops -- but not the kind you buy from a bakery.

The arbiter of Australian English, the Macquarie Dictionary, has declared "muffin top" the word of the year for 2006 -- even though it is two words -- defeating "affluenza", a noun that describes dissatisfaction with consumerism.

The dictionary defines "Muffin top" as a colloquial noun that refers to the fold of fat around the midriff which spills over the top of tight-fitting pants or skirts on the overweight.

"The vivid imagery of this word with its sense of playfulness and the fact that it is an Australianism made it the clear winner," the judges said.

Judges Gavin Brown and Stephen Garton, both professors at Sydney University, and Dictionary publisher Susan Butler said "muffin top" had spread globally due to the popular TV comedy Kath and Kim, which pokes fun at suburban life Down Under.

The victory for "muffin top" came after it was shortlisted for the 2005 American Dialect Society's most creative word, only to lose out to "whale tail" - the bit of a g-string, or thong, that shows above the waistband at the back of pants or skirts.”





This weekend.

It is going to be VERY cold here. The high temp will be around 34 degrees on Friday!!  BURRR!!!   I might try to get some biking in also, but we will see.  Everyone around my house has been sick, Chelsea and Kaylan are both sick. Chel has a sinus infection and Kaylan has strep!   I just hope that we don't get that bad virus that is going around.  The doctors said that the " flu" season is very late, so we have that to look forward to as well...
Winter is the worst time for getting sick...
The warm temps in your house keep the bugs going around and around. You have to keep the house closed up and that is a bad thing. It would be nice to be able to let your house open up and get a breath of fresh air, but alas, that does not happen much during the winter.  The best thing to do is to wash your sheets/cloths regularly and use lots of disinfectant if someone is sick.
Just a few health tips from Bob's Thoughts...


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pics of the James river and stuff...

I took these last summer and I would like to get a very cool night shot of Richmond Downtown at night. These pics are of the "foot bridge" that goes across the James. The bridge goes to Belle Isle.

Under the bridge, The James has class 4 & 5 rapids!! What a crazy place to go and try rapids. I would like to do that this summer. SO here are a few pics from that location. The area is known as the “best urban whitewater” in the US. No other city in the US has class IV rapids within its city limits. I would love to do this during the summer! My friend, Mark has also told me that he is interested in doing this as well.

There are some really neat things to do in downtown Richmond.
The Canal Walk
Browns Island
The Canal Walk goes about 1.5 miles threw the city with historic points of interest to read about. Browns Island has many concerts and festivals during the summer months.

The train track goes right over the river in a few places. Here is a neat pic.
Under that track, kids go swimming during the summer and also swing off that track. I might go swimming there this summer with my daughter and wife...

There are also some great biking parks along the James River. We have done part of the Buttermilk Trail, but my bike got a flat tire. It is some very difficult ridding in that park. We hope to go back soon. I think that we are very fortunate in that we have all of there activities in our city!!

Well more later...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Spanking of Children...TO Whip or Not To Whip?

"The bill, backed by Democrat Sally Lieber of San Francisco, a member of the state legislature, would outlaw spanking children three years old or younger and carry a possible penalty of jail time or a 1,000-dollar fine."

""I think it's pretty hard to argue you need to beat a child three years old or younger," said Lieber, who plans to introduce the bill next week."

here is a link to the whole story.

In my opinion, this bleeding heart liberal Demoncrat should be taken out and whipped with a belt!! and it would come from someone from California...

I was whipped as a child and i do not think that i was scarred for life from it. I know it was a different time and that was discipline, but we got whipped and then grounded. I think that is a Major problem with our children today. They are not disciplined and as such do not know or respect authority. I got whipped in school and i did not make the same mistake again. I remember the few times that i got whipped and i needed it because i was acting like a smart ass and my grandfather busted my but. I never made that same mistake again. i learned from it.

I see nothing wrong with having to whip my child. They make it as if everyone is out there beating their kids, that is not the case. A quick swat on the fanny or hand will make anyone take notice especially if they are 3-4 years old. But to make it a crime?? Come on!! IF we pass this, then the government can pass outer suck laws like when we can watch TV or read a book or mandatory attending of niceness classes. We do not need the government getting into the personal lives with laws...

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Work, Life, and Living...

Well, today I was really tired and I did not want to get up out of bed at 5am. It is a very cold morning and we are going to get some ice and sleet today and tonight.

It has been a very long journey to get me where I am today. I, we, started off in Texas. My wife and I went to school together. We did not date or associate with each other, but we knew of one another. Fast forward. I graduated in 1989 and she in 1988. I ran into her in the year 2000 back in out hometown of Jasper at a bar in the woods called Solley's Discotheque. Really, it was in a filed with a cattle-guard to cross over. We kind of new each other, but we got to talking and reacquainted. We started to date. She lived in Houston and I was living at the lake. I was offered a job in Indiana and I moved there during the fall. We broke up, but decided to get back together and date. I was let go by the company and I had to move back to Texas. She flew up to Indiana and helped me pack my stuff and move back.

So she and I continue to date and fell in love as they say, she in Houston and I at the lake once again. This time, her company closed her office and she was offered a job in Austin Texas. She accepted and we decided to move in together. This was about summer of 2001. We lived in Austin for about 2 years and we got married on December 21, 2002. We were married in Jasper at a church that her cousin was the preacher and her grandfather had built. I went back to college and knocked out a year of AutoCAD and electronic design. By late spring 2003, she found a job in Denver Colorado. It would be a great promotion for her and I encouraged her to accept, So off we went to Highlands Ranch Colorado.

We were in corporate housing for 3 months and then we got in our house. It was nice and we loved it. We had good neighbors and a very good church. Sondra got wind of a promotion in Massachusetts; it would be a good career move for her. We hated to leave Colorado, it was soo beautiful, but we did...

Massachusetts was a whole different beast. Very hot summers, cold winters, no creature comforts like we had in Colorado, I.E. Rec Center, swimming pools, that sort of stuff. We lived in Gardner Mass, in the "alpine" region, about 40 miles North West of Worcester. We had a ski mountain about 20 minuets from our house. That was a good thing. I felt like we were wondering in the desert for 40 years like Moses while we lived there. What made it livable was our little haven, our cul-de-sac with 7 other families. We all lived in new houses with big yards. It was kind of isolated from the rest of the degradation of the city. The bad side about it was Sondra was 62 miles from Boston, where her office was located. She had a 2.5 hour commute and parking was very expensive.

We were living and learning, I had a good job with a company I liked and she loved her job even with the long hours away from home. Her company had other plans and decided to close her region and that would put her out of a job or displace her. She looked around at different jobs at different places, but if she started over, she would loose her tenure and all vacation time that she had amassed. She took the job here in Richmond, her company’s corporate office and that is how we ended up here...

More to come later

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Today at work...

WELL, what a day! Our FAB had an evacuation at ~5am this morning and we were not allowed to go back into the unit till 3pm. That was only for technicians and we had to be in pairs. The fumes were very strong at 3pm and we got our errors cleared and we left!

The spill started in Litho and wet from there to Wets. There was a blocked drain line and backed up and spilled all over the sub-FAB. The fums were so strong that a person got taken to the hospital.

We just sat around and did what we could using our computers and keeping all of our group informed. Finally at around 6pm, they told us that they were going to bring up the bays and that we needed to be in the FAB to oversea the automation process. All went well, the system was a little lagged with the dumping of the bays, but we had no errors while we were in the fab...

What an interesting day.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Air Safety...

Well, it seems that kids these days are a lot smarter than we were. That kid in Washington State stole a car and drove to the airport, he was 9 years old! The police brought him back to his home. The next day he went back to the airport and hopped on a Southwest plane to Arizona. He heard a page for a passenger to come and he gave them the info!! He did not even have a ticket and most amazingly, they did not ask for one. While in Phoenix, he hopped another plane to San Antonio Texas. There he was detained.

How is it in this day and time of heightened airport security, that a kid, much less a 9 year old, can get into a major airport with no ticket, lie and get on a plane?? Were the TSA guards all on break? We can’t get more than 3 ounces of liquid on, but a 9 year old kid can just waltz on it with no ticket. How asinine!! They check all of your bags and x-ray them. They ask for identification and tickets. They did not think enough to ask for a 9 year olds papers?? My daughter fly’s sometimes and we have her escorted by the airline, we pay extra for this.

On a second note, How do big name athletes expect top break the rules of flying and not get caught?? The Vic brothers from Virginia think they can. Mike Vick got detained at the airport for his "water bottle" that had weed in the bottom...What a dumbass!!! The X-RAY EVERYTHING!! HELLO...he has to fly everywhere to games. What makes him think that they would not do it that time?

Well, enough of my soapbox…
Until later.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Last Weekend...FUN FUN!!

I have been very tired this week. I rode over 5 miles on my mountain bike. My friend and I went to our favorite park on Saturday and we rode about 2 miles. That night, he had a party, and we hooked up with another person. So, we went back on Sunday morning and rode another 3.5 miles. He brought a GPS, so he tracked our trails and elevation changes. IT was WICKID FUN!!! We did nearly 500 feet in elevation changes. I placed all the pics on my FLICKER badge, but I will post a few random ones here.

THe top pic is of is our new friend, Jeff. The next pics is Mark, the next pic is of a sign that marks the boudary of the park, very random we there is no fence in that porion of the park; and the last pic is of me. Most of the pics were taken on a bridge that goes over a creek and their is a jump at the end of it.

The weather here is finally COLD...We also have a chance of snow on Sunday night!!! YEAH!!! WE are not getting the kind of ICe Storm that Texas is getting, but we are just as cold here.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Blue Monday...

Well, I am tired today. I had a very busy, but good weekend!! I got a new tool bench on Saturday. IT is a Craftsman; black, to match my rolling tool chest. Also, Mark and I did some hardcore biking!! We ended up riding close to 5 miles in the Powhite Park on Saturday and Sunday. Another friend came with us and brought a GPS, so, he traced our trails and also the elevation change on the routes. All in all, about 400+ feet in change that we rode. I am at work, so I will post some more later.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wedding Aniversary...December 21, 2006

This is a pic Sondra and I took on our Wedding Aniversary night before we went out that evening.

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Nature Pics...Black Squirrels

Well this is a series of Black Squirrel photos that I took at my grandparents house. The Squirrel was about 3 feet from me and my Grandfather was hand feeding it pecans.

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Be Red.com

While in Texas on our Christmas trip, we were in Houston and I saw these signs on the wall of a gas station. I thought that they were cool, so I took pics of them.They were on a wall off Westhimer down in Montrose...

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Friday, January 12, 2007

The End Of Rock

I got these out of Details Magazine over 10 years ago...
I have saved them all this time until i had technology to share them over the internet. SO ENJOY, they are FUNNY!!!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lady In The Water...

In M. Night Shyamalan's newest movie, Lady In The Water, is not a horror film, but a bedtime story brought to "real Life” It is in classic Shyamalan style with many twists and turns as in many of his other movies. You begin to wonder if you are crazy because the movie does not make sense, but in the end, it all comes together. Paul Giamatti plays in my opinion, one of his best rolls as an actor in the movie and it is a pivotal roll as in getting all the elements that are needed to bring the Narf get back to where she heeds to be. He keeps you guessing until the very end and then it all comes together.

With movies under his belt like:
The Village
The Sixth Sense

All had good actors and very good original sound scores. My personal favorite was Unbreakable with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson...What a CAST.

Another thing that I like in his movies is that he plays characters in them. It might be a passing part or an integral part such as in the Lady in the Water. I think that is one of his trademarks, to not only direct and write, but to also star in the movie itself. It just adds a little something extra in his movies like he really cares what he is doing and how it is done. He has a brilliant talent to write and produce movies and is a master at his craft that I think is much to under rated in Hollywood. Most of his movies are done with little or no cussing, sex, or much violence, and yet…They get his point across without all the normal Hollywood tactics. IF you want a good movie to watch, then get any of M. Night Shyamalan's titles. In my opinion, they are all good.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Mother

I want everyone that prays, please pray for my mother. She had a car accident. IT cracked her sternum. Her car was tore up and totaled out. The had to pry her out of the car. She is at home, sore, but at home. IT could have been worse. Please keep her in your prayers for her to heal.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Very funny post...

I was reading this BLOG the other night and i saw this post, So, i contacted he to post her work. I busted out laughing! Here it is...

Jess, Georgia, US
Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Flight #2528

Not making light of the topic, but a group of friends and I were discussing what we would do to survive if we were lost in the mountains. We all came up with some really great ideas, and I let them believe that their plans were fool proof, but we all know... I'd be the one to survive. After listening to their list of skills and ideas, I do believe I have most of it figured out...

I wake up late, running around the house throwing things together for my flight. I make it to the airport just in time. This is my first time flying, so I'm a little nervous. The flight is going great, my nerves have calmed down and I'm enjoying the experience. There's a guy sitting ahead of me with a Yankee cap on and one behind me banging on his laptop fussing about some bids. All of a sudden, we feel vibrations. The plane shifts and loses elevation.

I wake up. I'm cold. I can still hear the sounds of screams in my head. I look around and see something moving. It's a group of others that have gathered and are trying to sort through the bodies, looking for other survivors. There's only a few of us alive. We ravage the plane for food and blankets and try to figure out how we're going to get out of this.The first night was the worst. I couldn't sleep, so I just watched everyone else and made sure they were ok, while I was sneaking food. I go back and find a comfy spot to rest. When everyone wakes in the morning, we find that we lost a member.
It seems that Yankee suffocated during the night, due to someone sitting on a pillow on his head. Oops.The second day was spent mourning the death of our dear dear friend, while we chowed down on some Boston, I mean, Yankee butt.

The strange guy, Watch, spent the afternoon piddling around with the wreckage. None of us were sure of what he was doing, but during supper, he ran in screaming, "I've done it!". Everyone dropped their plate of ribs to run out and see what he was doing, but I.... I stayed behind and finished their food. When I went outside of our man made cave, I could hear them talking about how sleek it was. "That baby's gonna ride smooth", Bennie added.We decided to take it out for a test ride, men up front, of course. We were creeping down the mountain, taking our time. Watch was figuring out how to steer it, when all of a sudden, we started going faster and faster. I fell off the back and watched the men zooming towards a tree.

They crashed into it! Bodies flew everywhere. Poor Greg and Watch were so ripped to pieces that we couldn't tell which leg belonged to which body. We loaded the body parts onto the sled and walked back to our cave to rethink this whole plan.I worked and worked on the sled, making sure that we had some type of protection for our next attempt. Neo and Bennie were in the kitchen, slaving over our make-shift stove. I was covered in blood and completely exhausted when I realized that I needed more parts. I decided to take a little break and eat. It was the best meal yet. Neo was getting very weak from not eating and I knew we had to get him out of there quickly.

I woke up late that night and went to check on the guys, but Neo didn't make it. He died peacefully in his sleep. So, I knew I had to finish the sled fast. I found a butter knife and scraped Neo's frozen body from the floor and carried him outside. I tore and shredded Neo's poor body to pieces, making him fit perfectly. I had used their bodies as bumpers for the sled. Yankee was strapped on the front. I figured since he was the first to go, that he also should be the first to go down the mountain. Watch and Greg were tied onto the bottom of the sled, since they died together. Neo was ripped and used as side rails. Then I said a prayer to honor the fallen.

I woke Bennie bright and early for our trip down the mountain. He was really out of it, talking nonsense. We loaded what was left of the food onto the sled and started drifting slowly down. Taking our time so that what happened before didn't happen again. We had almost made it to the bottom, when out of no where, a cliff appeared. We steered as hard as we could to miss it, but we just couldn't. We flew through the air, knowing that we were about to die. I reached out and grabbed Bennie's hand and pulled him under me just before we hit the ground. I hated to do it, but I had to use him as a cushion.I walked for hours when I finally came upon a house. We called for help.

I've been on every television show there is and am now the richest woman on earth. Sorry Oprah. I opened a bar & grill called The Cold Shoulder. I have a line of specialty items like Yankee Butt Rub, Watch's Favorite Finger Tossed Salad, There's A Panther In My Pants Shaving Cream, BBQ Bennie Back Ribs, and Greg Salad Sandwiches.Life is good, and I do not regret this experience. It has taught me many things and I'm thankful for the meat that the men provided for me. God Bless and good night!

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December 31 1994...

As many of you know, I was a BIG club person. I loved going to clubs to hear bands play live. Well, back in 1989, Fall, I was in school at SFA and we would go to a club called The Goodtimes Garage. One night, some friends told me to go with them to see a band called The Hunger. They were two brothers pictured here: Thomas and Jeff that formed the nucleus of the band back then.

I said sure as i was up for most anything back then. I went and they were AWSOME!!! They played for a good long time and did some original stuff as well as cover tunes. I ended up meeting them as some of the people that i went with knew them from Dickenson Texas where they went to school with them.

I became friend with them and would go see them anytime that they came to Southeast Texas and the surrounding area like Houston, Austin, Beaumont and Southwest Louisiana in a few clubs there. Well I was living in Arizona and I came in for Christmas and went to see the band and went backstage and had a few drinks with them. I got real drunk and took a dive off the speaker stack. I used to love to Slam-Dance and Stage-Dive. I hit the floor and knew I was hurt, not how seriously I really was at that time, I then went back stage and asked for another drink...

I broke my collar bone and was damm lucky that i did not break my neck. I went to the emergence room at about 2am smelling of alcohol and really hurting as my right shoulder was now close to my neck. Here is a pic of my with a brace on about 2 days after the accident.

Well, after that, i learned that The Hunger were having a show in Galveston Texas on December 31 at a club called the Purple Onion, so i got tickets and i went to it. I went backstage and had a few drinks, but not many and watched the show. During the show, Thomas Wilson, the lead singer, asked me to come up on stage and sing with him. Here are the pic on my 15 minuets of fame...

Sunday, January 07, 2007


When we were starting to leave Texas on Saturday the 30, I started to get a "cold". Everyone in Texas, at least the ones we wanted to see were sick or had a cold. IT seems that it never fails, One of us ends up sick and going to the emergency room! Over the last 3 years, Sondra and Chelsea have had to go for something. Well, when we got there, my mother was sick and my grandmother had a cold.

As i said, i started to feel sick. IT is not the "flu" but it is kicking my ass!! I am coughing my head off at night and i feel good and then feel bad, but the cough has go to GO! I am sooo tired of this. IT is like luggage that you never get rid of.

I have taken everything under the sun, NyQuil, Advil, other stuff and it does not work. I guess that i will just have to ware it out. The other night, I woke up at 4am coughing my head off and it woke my wife up. Bless her soul, she place a cough drop in my mouth and I went back to sleep...

Cough, Cough...
Almost time for bed...

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Vacation at Christmas.

It was fun going to Texas to see all of my family. I have been very fortunate in my 35+ years to have both sets of grandparents(paternal and maternal). My grandmother(Paternal) is not doing well and I was very glad to get to see her. My dad and Stepmother came in from Austin to see us as we had only very limited time in Texas. We flew into Houston and stayed with my wife's aunt as we always do and then went the next day to see her sisters. She has 5 of them! I was raised as an only child, but I have a half-brother/sister from my dad.

After we saw the sister, we went to my grandparents house on Lake Rayburn! I love going to the lake and they have lived there for 10 years now. we stayed there for the next 3 days and also my mother lives there as well. My uncle and his daughters all came over and we had a late Christmas dinner on the 29th with my cousin and his girlfriend also. My mother had a deer cooked so we got to have some back-strap...YUM YUM!! It has been several years since I have had deer to eat. I hope that my mother will come out to VA soon to visit and I want my Etha and Pawp to come out as well, if I can only get them to fly! We had a good Christmas and like most vacations, it had to come to an end.

We stayed a night with my mother as well. M<y stepdad passed over 3 years ago. it has been hard on her, but she is a trooper and will make it. It is goo to go visit home, but as nice as it is, I am glad to be back in my home with my wife and daughter. I hope that this year brings us good times!

I am just in a reflective mood at the moment and seeing my grandmother Jo so week and frail, makes me face my own mortality...

Work and Stuff...

It has been a crazy last few days at work. On day shift, it is VERY busy with lots of engineers and other personnel making adjustments to the system. I tend to like night shift better as it is more relaxed and not as busy.

I have been fighting a cold now since December 30th and I can’t seem to shake it. I woke up this morning at 4am coughing my head off; my wife got woken up from it. I have taken everything under the sun for it and it just stays with me. I hate being like this... I hope that the rest of the weekend goes well.

Another thing, the weather is freaking terrible!! One day it is cold and the next it is hot, Going home last night, it was 70 degrees!! 70 at NIGHT!!! in the first part of January!! They keep saying, they being the weather people, that we are going to get some cold soon in the next 8-10 days. I will believe it when I see it. Although, it is warmer this winter than it was last winter, all over the country. Here is our 7 day forecast. The station that we use is a very good station. Here is their link: NBC12

Well, I will post more as I find some other stuff…
L8ters and Caio

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Thursday, January 04, 2007


For those of you that like instrumental music in the genera of The Orb, Orbital, Vangelis and many others to numberous to mention, GO and check out this person's music. IT is all free to download and I will even gve you the link to get it: http://vxc.lsdxm.com/
Or, Album links below:

vxc - 5-meo-wtf
vxc - shadowcaster
vxc - synapse
vxc - singles

I really like this stuff and I placed it on my mp3 player last night. Very good to listen to as it changes and is not a constant drone or style.

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RIAA...Part The second

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This battle has been going on with the RIAA for over 7 years. The music industry missed the boat on this issue long ago. Way back when Napster first came on the Internet scene, they could have put an end to the file/music swapping by making pay sites back then. They DID NOT.
I remember back in the late 1990s, Camelot Music was going to put in their stores Cd burners that would allow you to make a personal CD to purchase. That would have been a great idea! You could have gone i and made a comp of your favorite artists for around $20. I mean, let’s face it, Most people purchase an album for 3-4 GOOD songs, the rest of the music is just filler unless you are like me and i am a completists and i like to get *everything* from the artist i like even if it is bad.
The P2P Internet trend is now unstoppable. It would take a complete shutdown of the Internet to stop the music/file swapping from happening and that will not happen. Too many people and businesses depend on the Internet for their livelihood. IF the RIAA shuts down a site, it will pop back up in another country. Period Point Blank!! I have seen it happen.

IF the Artist would have just agreed to let Napster sell their music for say $20 a month, they would have all been RICH! But they got greedy and now they suffer the outcome.

1. Better Technology
2. Declining Compact Disc sales
3. Declining Movie Sales(Not Good Products)

The RIAA can sue the entire world and it will not stop. Most people that download the tracks use them for personal use and do not *Sell* them to make a profit. In fact, a lot of people use downloading to sample the music beforehand to see if they like it.

IF you are in the middle of this RIAA/Music Downloading mess, a good place to go and join is the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Well, enough of this mess...
Back to life.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

RIAA is at it again....

This is for you that have not heard this story yet or read about it.

I welcome Comments to my BLOG.

Wake up and smell the foreign food...

I welcome Comments to my BLOG.

Why is it that the Moral Fiber of America is eroding? Is it because we have no national image anymore? Are we just a bunch of races living in the same land, but with different cultures? A friend and I were talking the other day about this issue. In the past, when an immigrant came to America, they learned the language of the land, ENGLISH, and only spoke their language when they were around family or talking to relatives in their country,, But NOW, we have to learn their language and they take English as a second Language. English as a SECOND LANGUAGE?? Wait one DAMM Minute!! How can they be American citizens and not speak the language?

In Mexico, do they not speak Spanish?? Is that not their language? They have a national language, WHY THEN DO WE NOT? They come over here and expect us to change for them? They were not invited, extended a personal invitation to come over here and live. They came to better themselves, but instead, they bring their shitty way of life and drag our country down with them! That is not how it is supposed to work! They come here and learn ENGLISH, the language of the land, and become productive members of society instead of living on welfare and my hard earned wages. IT is a lode of CRAP!!

WE need to wake up and smell the foreign food people, America is slowly but surely becoming a dump for other lands rejects. They can’t speak English, OUR LANGUAGE but they expect us to take care of them. BULLSHIT!!! If they want to become an AMERICAN, learn the language and become productive, good citizens of the USA and help us, not destroy us. IF they cant pass the test, get them the hell out!


Monday, January 01, 2007

New Toys...

All of this is on my Main Workstation. Well, I said that I was going to post some links to my new gear. Here is the first link. I purchased a Viewsonic 22'' LCD HD display for my computer. I am TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by the quality and clarity. It is so CLEAR and CRISP. I am running straight DMI (Digital) signal to it using my NvidiaGEForce 6200 video card (128mbDDR, 8xAGP).

I also purchased (2) 320gig WD Caviar® SE16. They are SMOKING FAST!!!!!! Also I bought my new Logitech mouse, the Logitech® MX™ Revolution!!! I love it. It is a very smooth flowing mouse and the Scroll Wheel is amazing. My last purchase was a 4gig Cruzer Micro. It is nice and LARGE!!

The rest of my hardware set-up is as follows:
MOBO - DFI Ultra Infinity II 366FSB
PROC - AMD 3000+XP OC from 2.1 GHz to 2.3 GHz
Power - ANTEC 480w True Gold
CASE - ANTEC Soho FileServer Plus
Fans: (3) 80mm Blue light, (2)80mm black, (1) 120mm on PS and (1)80MM on back of PS
(1)40mm on Processor
HD: (2) 320gig SATA
(1) 100gig SATA
(1) 160gig EIDE
(1) 80gig EIDE(Swapable)
(1) 40gig EIDE (System)
Total Capacity: 1.02 TB
RAM: (2) 512meg DDR (Dual Channel Enabled)
(1) 256meg DDR

(1) NEC 8x 2500a +/- DVD/CD burner with flashed Firmware to a Dual-Layer 8x DVD burnerwith no RIPloc or Region Code.

(1) Hitachi DVD-Rom

(1) Belkin 7 port 2.0 USB hub

I welcome Comments to my BLOG.