Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bob's ThoughtsAnother Move....

Bob's ThoughtsIt has been awhile since i last posted. we now live in Virginia and i will not give out the town for security sakes. We have a new house and a nice neighborhood and we are trying to make new friends. We went home for the Holidays and all got sick. i have bronchitius and Chel has a sinus infection. Sondra has what i have. Sucks, we more later.


Juicy Fruiter

I love you blog. We just relocated from Massachusetts to the Richmond area. Me, my wife and daughter. here is my web address: The picture is of our old house and i have not placed new photos of our new one on it. Enjoy and email me and we might be able to meet and chat as i have no friends here in the area, male friends. i know a few people through my wife's company, but not good friends. i live to ski and stuff like that.


I have been reading your BLOG and i like it. We have just recently moved to the Richmone area. WOW. I love it here. We relocated from Massachusetts and what a change for the better. Email me at and perhaps we can meet and chat. My old web address is in Mass. I have not updated the pics of our new house. I am married with a daughter. I like you site.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bob's Thoughts for November 10, 2005

IT has been an extreamly long time since i posted to this thing. Bunches has happened to me and my family. I have a new job and i love it! Sondr'a office got closed down the summer and we are now relocating to Richmond Virginia. She3 will be woirking at the Wachovia Central Office. I will look for a different job as the company i work for does not have a branch there. The weather is getting COLD here once again. IT seems that we just got though with Winter since the whole month of May was 50 degrees all that month. It is cold again...

Friday, March 04, 2005

ITs been a while....

Bob's Thoughts

Well, it has been a while since I updated the BLOG. a lot of things has happened since I last wrote on here. Christmas happened and I also bought a new truck for myself. I lost a very old friend due to different views., it was not that much of a loss in retrospect. I still work at rentway and I am the account manager for the store. We went home to Texas in February and we had a great time. Chelsea was sick the whole time we were there and now Texas am sick also. I had a gretat talk with Jimmy Freeman who is living back in Jasper. He came out to visit with my fam the last day that we were going to be in Jtown. My family has had a lot of medical problems the last 5-6 months and i pray that they all get better and continue to heal! I hope to hear from everyone i the near future. This is alll for now.