Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Music industry...

How many people remember way back around 1985 when Compact Discs came out. Remember how much they cost? The were around 10-13 dollars. Then remember in the 1990s? The price was raised to around 16-19 dollars a disc. What a dramatic increase. Well several years ago, there was a class action lawsuit filed against the RIAA for price gouging. If you went online, you could sign that petition and join the lawsuit.

Well, i did and the other day, i received a check from that suit! IT was about $14, but the case was won. I know that was not much money, but divided out between several million people, think about it.

Here is part of the ruling:
The Defendants have agreed to pay a combination of cash and non-cash consideration. Defendants' combined cash payments total $67,375,000. In addition, Distributor Defendants will provide $75,700,000 worth of prerecorded music compact discs. This will take place in the 41 states that filed the suit.

I was a member and i filed a claim in Texas.
You are a member of the Settlement Group if you are a person (or entity) in the United States or its Territories and Possessions who purchased prerecorded Music Products, consisting of compact discs, cassettes and vinyl albums, from one or more retailers during the period January 1, 1995, through December 22, 2000.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Share the Road...

We all have been driving in the city or counrty and have seen the sign saying "Share The Road" with a bicycle. Most majoy cities have this type of sign. Me being a bicker, i like to see those kinds of signs. They were all over Colorado when we lived there. It was really nice to have them as there was a lot of bickers that lived there.

Well, the other evening, Friday evening, to be exact. My wife and I were driving out in Chester Va. To me, it was in the boonies and we were looking for this high school in the middle of no where. My daughter was having another cheerleading contest. By the way, her school took 2nd out of 10 schools.

Anyway, we were driving down these back woods roads and we say a sign of the "Share the road" type, only I had never seen this one before. I knew that we were in the back-woods when this type of sign is around. We finally found the high school for the competition. I hoped that they would give a refund for gas because it was so far out there. The school was very nice and that is because no one can find it to use it.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

DST - Spring forward...Fall back....2007

During DST, clocks are turned forward an hour, effectively
moving an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening.

Just a few interesting fact that i have found on the web.

World map showing current and past daylight saving usage
██ Areas that have DST
██ Areas that once had DST
██ Areas that never had DST

For many of you that did not know, DST is going to be changed this year. Beginning in 2007, Daylight Saving Time is extended one month and begins for most of the United States on the Second Sunday in March to the First Sunday of November.

So, the dates will be as follows:

Year: 2007
DST Begins 2 a.m.(Second Sunday in March) March 11
DST Ends 2 a.m.(First Sunday in November) November 4
Year: 2008
DST Begins 2 a.m.(Second Sunday in March) March 9
DST Ends 2 a.m.(First Sunday in November) November 2.

I remember something about this and i heard about it when we lived in Massachusetts, but i was not sure about the exact details. On August 8, 2005, President George W. Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Pub. L. no. 109-58, 119 Stat 594 (2005).

This Act changed the time change dates for Daylight Saving Time in the U.S. The Secretary of Energy will report the impact of this change to Congress. Congress retains the right to resume the 2005 Daylight Saving Time schedule once the Department of Energy study is complete .

So, we will get to see how this works out as it is about 2 weeks away from happening.

Some more interesting stuff:

The official spelling is Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight SavingS Time.

Saving is used here as a verbal adjective (a participle). It modifies time and tells us more about its nature; namely, that it is characterized by the activity of saving daylight. It is a saving daylight kind of time. Similar examples would be a mind expanding book or a man eating tiger. Saving is used in the same way as saving a ball game, rather than as a savings account.

Nevertheless, many people feel the word savings (with an 's') flows more mellifluously off the tongue. Daylight Savings Time is also in common usage, and can be found in dictionaries.
Adding to the confusion is that the phrase Daylight Saving Time is inaccurate, since no daylight is actually saved. Daylight Shifting Time would be better, but it is not as politically desirable.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Windows XP Flight Feature Flawed...

This is a very funny article for those of you that are of the Techie nature!! I wanted to pass this on as i am sure that some of you have not read this before! I was laughing the whole time i read this!

Windows XP Flight Feature Flawed
By Tom Condon

Redmond, WA - One of the most acclaimed features of the new Microsoft Windows XP release is its ability to enable users to fly without the aid of any mechanical assistance whatsoever. As the Microsoft commercials vividly display, users of XP can fly simply by spreading their arms. This is made possible by the new flight feature of Windows XP, called MSFlight. "The flight feature is something that we have been working on for some time," said Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft. "Today's mobile executives need the ability to fly, and we feel that MSFlight's capabilities are far superior to those offered by Linux or Apple."

However, as with many Microsoft releases, there have been some problems with the initial releases. Many users are saying that their flying experiences are very different from what is shown on the television commercials.

One example is Martin Feinstein, of Syosset, NY After purchasing Windows XP, he activated the flying feature and immediately levitated in his living room. "At first, it was great, just like in the commercials" he said. However, Mr. Feinstein's computer locked up after only a few minutes, sending him crashing to he ground and fracturing his right clavicle. "My computer crashed, and so did I" said Mr. Feinstein, who purchase an Apple computer the next day.

Another problem is XP's susceptibility to viruses. Janice O'Connor, of Anderson, North Carolina was ejected from her 14th floor apartment after opening an e-mail that contained a virus targeted at Windows XP. The virus, which contains a file aptly named "Flyme2th_moon.exe", initiates the MSFlight feature, adjusts the speed setting to maximum, and then shuts down the computer a few seconds later, ending the user's flight capabilities. Witnesses said that Ms. O'Connor was hurdled through her apartment's balcony plate glass window and flew approximately 200 yards at that altitude before plummeting to her death.

"This certainly gives new meaning to the term 'fatal exception'", said her cousin, Rita O'Reardon, who was injured after opening the virus in an e-mail from Ms. O'Connor and being thrown against her bedroom wall. Apparently the virus uses Microsoft Outlook to e-mail copies of itself to everyone in the victim's contacts list. More than 100 people in O'Connor's contacts list were sent the virus, but only 3, who had purchased Windows XP, were injured. Local Police Chief Clem Waters said, "It is fortunate that sales of XP have been so slow, or this event could have been much worse."

Another Windows XP user flew a little too well. Amy Branston of San Francisco was last seen ascending straight up at an amazing speed, and was tracked by NASA radar moving away from the earth at over 28,000 miles per hour. According to her husband, she had just installed Windows XP, and thought that the MSFlight feature was a flight simulator game. "She turned on the MSFlight feature, and shot up like a rocket," he told BB Spot reporters. Apparently, a glitch in the Windows XP software was responsible for propelling her into outer space. Microsoft officials have commented that Windows XP is not capable of accelerating users to orbital velocity unless they have installed an unlicensed copy of the software.

NASA officials are very concerned about the potential for Microsoft to introduce its customers into an already crowded orbital space. Mr. Hal Clarke, Director of Space Junk for NASA says, "There are tens of thousands of objects already floating in earth orbit, and it is difficult enough to track them now" said Mr. Clarke. "If we're going to have hundreds or thousands of Microsoft users floating around up there, it's going to get pretty messy. It's not just the bodies we're worried about. We have calculated that collisions will produce significant fragmentation, with huge numbers of arms, legs, and other parts." NASA is already contemplating fitting its space shuttles with windshield wipers to help clean off blood and other bodily fluids from collisions with orbiting Microsoft XP users.

The FAA is also concerned about the potential for traffic problems in commercial air space. "If there are going to be thousands of Microsoft XP users flying around in the air, we're going to have a traffic control nightmare on our hands," said FAA spokesman Norman Krazowski. "They are all going to have to file flight plans, and carry anti-collision transponders and flight data recorders just like airplanes. Also, randomly-selected XP users will be selected and required to carry an undercover Air Marshall with them." Microsoft has responded to the FAA by saying that any undercover Air Marshals attached to any flying XP users will also have to purchase a licensed copy of Microsoft XP.

Mr. Gates has stressed the safety of Windows XP, noting that it is far more stable than previous versions of Windows. "I can understand why people would have been hesitant to trust their lives to previous versions of Windows, but XP is far more stable, and users can feel completely secure flying at any altitude while using XP." When asked by a reporter why he chose to arrive in a limousine rather than use the flight feature of Windows XP, Mr. Gates declined to comment.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cheerleading Contest...

WEll, today my daughter had Cheerleading contest. There was 9 schools in all and the got 3rd place with one person out due to an injury.

SO i am very proud of this and we have another one on Friday that i will be able to attend! I will give all the info after the contest.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

RSS Feeds on my Blog.

I just enabled the RSS feeds on my site. The subscription can be found in the Archive section on the right hand side of the BLOG.

Here is a pic to show you where it is located:

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The Prestige (2006) A Friendship, That Became a Rivalry...A Rivalry, That Became a Battle

I just finished watching the movie. It was directed by Christopher Nolan, the man who did the new Batman movie with Christian Bale. This was a very good movie with some great twists in it.

Bale, Alfred Borden and Hugh Jackman, Robert Angier, in the beginning of the movie, worked together as magicians and were friends in the beginning of the movie. They worked for a man named Cutter (Michael Caine). When Angier's wife dies during one of their stunts, a bitter rivalry starts up. The try to out do eachother with bigger and better magic tricks. Bale get the fame and has a wife and daughter. Angier wants those things and will stop at nothing to get them and destroy the other person in the process.

With each new trick comes new level of danger and sabotage. One magician tries to out-do the other one with the stakes getting higher all the time. Scarlett Johansson, who plays Olivia Wenscombe, becomes Angier's assistant, but betrays him and falls in love with Borden.

David Bowie who plays Nikola Tesla has a pivotal role in this film, by creating the best and finial trick for Angier. It is supposed to be a teleporter device, but it makes a clone of the person that materializes some 50feet away. This is the problem that gets Borden placed in jail and convicted for the murder of Angier, when in fact, it was a clone that died. The cloning effect was alluded to when Angier was leaving Tesla's residence. You see hats and many cloned cats about 50 feet from the house.

In the end, Borden is hanged and Angier gets his child, but the twist is that Borden has a twine brother that goes ad kills Angier, the real one, not a clone. He gets his daughter back and the movie ends.

I did not want to tell all the twists and stories. This movie was very well done and in my opinion, is a must to see.

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Random Thoughts...

It is warm here today. It got to nearly 64. That is a big change from what it has been as of late. We have a chance of rain also. A front is coming our way and it is going to cool down by Friday, but warm back up early next week. I can feel it in my lower back as it is hurting me at the moment.

This type of weather is really bad because it keeps everyone sick from the constant temperature changing. If it is nice this weekend, we might try to go and do some riding
at a new park. It is called Pocahontas State Park.

This is my 2nd day off from work. I go back on shift tomorrow night. I am in the process of applying for positions with Qimonda to get a job with them. I am just a Vendor and as such, not a permanent employee. Only time will tell about this situation.

This pic is one i took when we lived in Massachusetts. It was facing East looking over a friend’s house at the clouds. IT was just before a Nor’easter was about to hit... What a storm that one was...

I will post a few other pics of Massachusetts that show just how cold it was there.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

New Section for Videos.

I will be updating and pulling videos every week or so. so Enjoy Them!! They are the last section on my Blog Page!! Most are from the 1980s!!

Just remember...I Want My MTV!!!

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

New Blog Style

I have made some upgrades and changes to my BLOG. As you can see, it is a negative zone incarnation of my last blog with some very nice style changes. I have gotten things a bit more orderly than they have been in the past. I hope also to be ale to insert a background picture soon!! We shall see.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Body modification Part III....

Well Folks, IT is that time of year again for me to do another series of Body Mod Pics.

    Please let me tell you how FREAKING STUPID I THINK THEY ARE!!! RALMFAO!!! He looks like he needs to be in a S&M bar somewhere tied up and being whipped!

      Here we go: Facial Corsets...WTF? What are they used for?? He looks like Pinhead got a hold of him and he belongs in a Hellraiser film!! The really sad things is that this equipment might have come from the medicial industry and been perverted in the process.

      Remember the Ministry Song "Halloween" That song is about him, Corset Face.
      "well any time,Any place, anywhere that I go all thePeople seem to stop and stare they say'why are you dressed like it's halloween? You look so absurd, you look so obscene"

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      Friday, February 16, 2007

      Sleep during the day...

      Well, folks, I am once again on the old night shift! I have heard that when you sleep during the day, like taking a nap, it is like getting more sleep than if you slept during the night. For every 15 minuets of sleep during the day, it equals 1 hour of sleep at night.

      Since I am on nights again. I try to go to sleep around 9.30am and get up around 3.45-4.00pm. SO on average with the few phone calls during the day, I usually get about 6.5 hours of sleep.

      I have noticed that during the day, I dream a tremendous amount more than I do at night. I can remember my dreams and I am also aware that I am dreaming more times than not. That is called Lucid Dreaming.

      I will be doing a series of BLOG entries about this as I find more information about it.
      Here is some information, it is not what I am truly looking for, but it is a start!

      Shift workers, on average, get less sleep during the week (6 hours and 30 minutes) compared to regular day workers (6 hours and 54 minutes). (National Sleep Foundation 2000 Sleep in America Poll)

      68% of shift workers report sleep problems, compared to 56% of regular day shift workers. (National Sleep Foundation 2000 Sleep in America Poll)

      53% of shift workers do not keep a regular sleep schedule, compared to 26% of those who work regular day hours. (National Sleep Foundation 1999 Sleep in America Poll)

      Societal pressures to work more and at odd hours-evenings, weekends, the night shift, round-the-clock-have reduced Americans sleep time over the past century by about 20%. ("The Promise of Sleep" by William Dement and Christopher Vaughan, 1999)

      45% of adults agree that they will sleep less in order to accomplish more. Shift workers (56%) are more likely to agree they will sleep less in order to get more work done compared to regular day workers (44%). (National Sleep Foundation 2000 Sleep in America Poll)

      One-half of the American work force (51%) reports that sleepiness on- the-job interferes with the amount of work they get done. (National Sleep Foundation 2000 Sleep in America Poll)

      Television and the Internet are prime contributors to Americans not getting enough sleep, causing 43% of adults to stay up later than they should. (National Sleep Foundation 2000 Sleep in America Poll)

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      Thursday, February 15, 2007

      Comic Book Stores...

      Let em preface this by saying, I know, Comics at 35???

      I went into a store several day ago with my friend Mark. He was told "DO No Bend The Pages." IT was called Richomndcomicx. They seamed to have a very good selection and they were close to our homes. I saw several titles that i wanted to purchase, just did not have the money at that time.

      I went back today to look at a few titles and get what i saw the last time. I was in there for a few minuets and the owner came over and told me not to read the books!! I said that i was not reading the books and just looking at stuff that i have not kept up on over the years and that i was going to purchase a few in a moment. I stormed out of the store!!

      I was SOOOO PISSED that we went back in to the store and told him that i would NEVER come back to his crappy store and that i would find a new one to use.

      How can you not look at a book to see if you want to buy it? That is like going to the Library and being told you cant read the books in the building!!

      What a grouchy OLD FART!!!

      Here is a list of other stores in the Richmond Metroplex:

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      Wednesday, February 14, 2007

      Some music I am listening to...

      ~Turn off the light, take a deep breath, and relax, relax~

      I am sure that many of you remember the "Band" called Enigma. Well, his name is Michael Cretu and he is from Bucharest, which is the Capital of Romania, Europe. HE broke into the scene around 1990 with his first album with big success!! It was called MCMXC a.D.

      Many people got really burned out on this music and tracks. It is my opinion that you should check the music out again as it is now over 17 years old. It might sound dated, but it was and still is very well recorded and produced.

      The massive hit from that album was called "Sadness" clocking in at over 12 minuets with 3 parts to it. I remember that track when i was in college. I purchased it at Record Rack in Houston Texas on one of my many trips there.

      The musical style was mystical at that time with a new age feel to it. This album has always been one of my favorites. IT was along the same time that Peter Gabriel scored Passion - The Last Temptation Of Christ. Up until that time, there was a very big underground scene of that style of music by the likes of Eno, Fripp, Mike Oldfield, and Vangellis and Jean Michel Jarre, just to name a few. None of those artist had any big commercial success statewide at least. Enigma broke that genera of music to the popular masses and it was a very large hit in The States followed by Mea Culpa, another big radio/club success.

      He also produced a band called Sandra. She had a few club hits in the mid-late 1980s. I remember them going to clubs when i was 16 years old! The eventually got married. Her music was very thickly layered using old Fairlight and Roland analogue synthesizers with sultry vocals and great beats. She even, later, gave vocals for the Enigma projects.

      All in all, i think that Micheal Cretu/Enigma have remained a constant force in the music industry. His music might be the same on all the albums, but it is very masterfully crafted with rick textures and incredible lush soundscapes. His music takes you on a journey instead of the same ole crap that most bands do, with 3-4 good tracks and the rest as filler. All the music might not be to your taste, but it had a fluid motion and a natural progression with a common element through out his music. you can listen to his stuff and say, that is Enigma, not some other artist.

      He also helped open this style of music to other artist that spawned several offshoots. One being Trance, Progressive Trance and several others. I think that we all owe him a big hand for doing what he did in the music industry and for what he still does.

      Just my 2 or 3 cents worth...

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      Tuesday, February 13, 2007

      For all The Dems out there...

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      Interesting Map View

      I found this map the other night while I was online. It is of the US interstate system built by Eisenhower during the late 1950-60s time frame. IT is a block diagram, but very neat. I thought that some of you might like to see it...

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      Sunday, February 11, 2007

      This weekend...

      IT has been cold all weekend. My wife, daughter, and i went to the movies last night. We saw A Night At The Museum. IT was very funny!! After the movie, i went to a friends house and we watched fights on HBO (Sugar Shane Mosley) and played Poker! I kicked every one's but and won the most money(chips no cash) We decided to get a bike ride up today and went to Powhite Park. WE rode over 4.5 miles and had a good time. I also went and looked at new bikes yesterday and i am going to decide between a Rockhopper and a Gary Fisher.

      I am leaning more to the Gary Fisher as it is a meaner style kind of like in Attack mode. The links are for the bikes that i looked at yesterday.

      We are supposed to get snow this week, but i will believe it when i see it. The weather people have said that before. Here is the link to this weeks forcast.

      Well, that is all for now...

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      Saturday, February 10, 2007

      New Vista Versions and Stuff...

      A friend sent this link to me... LOL it is So Funny for you techie people out there.

      Windows Vista to Ship in 33 Different Versions
      By Russell Skingsley

      Redmond, WA - Microsoft announced today that its new operating system Vista will ship in 33 editions to enable consumers to get exactly which version they need. Barry Goffe, a director of Microsoft's Windows client unit announced this innovative move from Microsoft earlier today.

      "We're trying to make sure we have the right set of offerings for different customers," said Goffe. The impressive list of Vista Editions follows:

      Vista Professional Edition
      Vista Semi-Professional Edition
      Vista Slightly Professional Edition
      Vista Complete Amateur Edition
      Vista Server Edition
      Vista Server Premium Edition
      Vista Server Not Bad But Not As Good As Premium Edition
      Vista Server My Other Edition Is Premium Edition Edition
      Vista 5 User License Edition
      Vista Site License Edition
      Vista Country License Edition
      Vista Planetary License Edition
      Vista Galaxy License Edition
      Vista Universe License Edition
      Vista Universe License Without Windows Media Player Edition*
      Vista Home Edition
      Vista Home Premium Edition
      Vista Home Premium Edition With Some Server Features
      Vista Home I Can't Believe It's Not Server Edition
      Vista Away From Home But Have My Laptop With Me Edition
      Vista Gamers Edition
      Vista Mostly Play Games but Also Like to Surf the Net Edition
      Vista Boot Straight Into World of Warcraft and Never Be Seen Again Edition
      Vista Just Read Email And Clean Up Viruses Edition
      Vista Downloaded Via Bittorrent Just Wait For The Subpoena Edition
      Vista Erases Your iPod Edition (with Free Creative Player Voucher Included)
      Vista Beginners Edition
      Vista Intermediate Edition
      Vista Advanced Edition
      Vista Write My Own Drivers Edition
      Vista One Finger On The Reset Button Edition
      Vista Uninstall And Reinstall XP Edition
      Vista ME Just Joking! Practical Jokers Edition

      *Only Available In Europe

      "There should be something there for everyone," said Goffe. When asked when the editions would be shipping, Goffe replied, "I can't really say, we haven't finished coding any of this yet."

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      Friday, February 09, 2007

      This weekend...

      Well, it is still cold here and I will not be going to Culpeper Va. The GC got the scheduling messed up and we are not needed there for another 3-4 weeks!!! On a different note, i just got my new set of tires put on my Tacoma. We had to special order them as the size is very strange. IT is 265/65/17. That size is not normally in stock. i will let everyone know what i think of them. I bought Goodyear Wrangler tires. Give em a few days and let me ride on them for a bit...

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      Wednesday, February 07, 2007

      The Deep Freez...

      WE have been in the 30s for the last 2 weeks! It is only going to get colder next week. We are supposed to have a big winter storm by Tuesday. I am also going to work this weekend in Cullpepper Va for Sun Control Systems. I might take my camera and snap some pics of the outside of the building as it is very neat. Well i gotta go as i am very tired and got several more days to work this week.

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      Monday, February 05, 2007

      A Voter Poll...

      Look down on the right side of my blog and you will see a Poll. Please take time to do it as it is short.

      The Management

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      Our Morning Drive back East...

      Here are a few sunrise pics that I took while we were driving threw Louisiana...
      IT was a long 20 hour drive that was 1270 miles one-way. We made it fine as we left Texas at 3.30am and made it home in Virginia at 11.00pm

      We had Sirius radio in our rental car(mini-van) and we listened to 1st wave(22) on the Sirius unit. It was great; not having to find a station every 100 miles. They played all 1980s bands and I did not hear on repeat song!! We all are very tired, but glad that we made the trip.

      In my opinion, a death in a close family can bring out the best and worst in people. I just wish that when a death occurs, that the main focus would be on the families that are hurting and not a material possessions. That the focus would be to help and heal instead of being a vulture to pick over the remains. I have seen this happen many times in my 35+ years of living...

      God Bless and Good Night.

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      Sunday, February 04, 2007

      I am back...

      It has been a very tireing trip to texas this week. We just got home from a 20 hour drive from Texas to here. I will have some pics and soem other stuff to post this week. Until then,

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