Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bob's ThoughtsAnother Move....

Bob's ThoughtsIt has been awhile since i last posted. we now live in Virginia and i will not give out the town for security sakes. We have a new house and a nice neighborhood and we are trying to make new friends. We went home for the Holidays and all got sick. i have bronchitius and Chel has a sinus infection. Sondra has what i have. Sucks, we more later.


Juicy Fruiter

I love you blog. We just relocated from Massachusetts to the Richmond area. Me, my wife and daughter. here is my web address: The picture is of our old house and i have not placed new photos of our new one on it. Enjoy and email me and we might be able to meet and chat as i have no friends here in the area, male friends. i know a few people through my wife's company, but not good friends. i live to ski and stuff like that.


I have been reading your BLOG and i like it. We have just recently moved to the Richmone area. WOW. I love it here. We relocated from Massachusetts and what a change for the better. Email me at and perhaps we can meet and chat. My old web address is in Mass. I have not updated the pics of our new house. I am married with a daughter. I like you site.