Sunday, October 31, 2004

Bob's Thoughts

Bob's Thoughts


Well, we had a part for Chelsea lastnight. She had 5 of her friends over to spend the night and they had a BLAST!!! We had them several activities to do like Play Ping-Pong and Air Hockey as well as we made them do a Frear Factor set of events. The had a fun time and they all slept in the basement. IT was very nasty weather lastnight...foggy and rainy!! YUK!! Today it is very nice, windy, but sunny. It is supposed to get cold again this week and it looks like this is going to be our last day of seasonable weather for the next several months as the longrange forcaste predicts freezing rain on Saturday. I am counting down the days until my Mother gets Here!!! She will be landing on the 13th of November; Saturday week, and will be staying through the end of November...18 days. We are going to NYC for the parade and we will have Thanksgiving dinner here back in Mass. This is all for now.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Intelligent Dunce Music

Intelligent Dunce MusicI run a KLF archive and I have all their music as well as the orb stuff. I have about 13 gigs of KLF with all their videos and also about 13 gigs of ORB(Rare and Out OF Print) stuff. I am RMStringer/Renigade and I run ftp. Did we visit ewith eachother? I used to live in Indiana and visited a person in Wisconsin and we traded programs for music around 2000?

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bob's Thoughts For October 7, 2004

Bob's Thoughts
WEll, it looks like we are going to be in for a bad winter this year. Here is the prediction for the long-range forecast for the New England area:

The northeastern U.S., southeastern Canada and areas south to the Mid-Atlantic States should be quite snowy from late October into the early winter period. This region should also see frequent snowstorms and colder than normal temperatures from mid-December through the end of January, especially over New England. From late January through March, northern New England will continue to have snow, but not as frequent. Southern New England to the Mid-Atlantic States will be turning drier and a bit warmer February and into early-to-mid March.

I am sure glad that I bought a snowblower!! It seems that I am going to need it!! On Wednesday for this week, I woke up and the temp was 27 degrees!!! That is Freaking Cold!! The hi for that day only got to 52! BURR!!! In other news, My mother is comming to here on November 13 and staying until December!! I cant wait to see her and us all spend some time together. We have not been able to spend time like that in very many years. We are going to go see the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York also!!
I have put up some wedding pics on my website that most of you have not been able to see! So, go look at them. The URL is so go take a look. I need to get some stuff done, so I will put more up here later.
That is all for now.