Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Help, My House Is To COLD!!! BURRRR

What are we? Are we a bunch of robots? Help me please i don't know if it is to cold for my children in here. Can we not control the temperature in our own home? I DAMM SURE DON'T NEED SOMEONE TELLING ME WHAT TEMP TO SET MY thermostat to! What will be next? Will the State of California install a arm to wipe our asses in the bathroom? Those liberal no good dumbasses in California need to grow a brain and stop being such a bunch of little girls. We don't not need the state or country to regulate the thermostats in our homes. The Governator is sounding more like a NAZI(Kennedy) every day!

We are heading straight to the "Big Brother" country like in Fahrenheit 451. Grow a single cell and adjust your own damm temp in YOUR HOUSE!! Get a life!! I can tell if my home is too cold or hot; YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO AS WELL!! If the state of California was not so damm tight on its EPA regulations you could have had more power/light generation facilities 20 years ago. You would not be in the state that you are in now with not enough power to go around. Plan ahead! Many states have upgraded their power grid and do not suffer the same fate of your "Rolling Black-Outs"

Grow Up, Act and Think For yourself. Be Adults and regulate your on damm air conditioners. The other 49 stated do it! We do not need any more governmental regulation in the USA.

What is your opinion?
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