Monday, May 06, 2013


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On April 27, 2013 Book of Love once again reformed to do a 1 night 1 off show in Houston, Texas at Numbers Club at 300 Westheimer in the Montrose area West of downtown. Keyboardist Jade Lee was unable to attend but Ted Ottaviano, Lauren Johnson (formerly Roselli)and singer Lori Lindsay were in attendance on Saturday night. The weather was terrible and their was a chance of the show getting canceled but it did happen! All of the hits were played with some new samples and instrumentation being added as well. Strangely though, Witch Craft was not played at this event. They did however end the show with a new mix of Tublar Bells/Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls. Numbers Club, an Icon of Houston for over 30 years was almost sold out for this event.

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