Sunday, March 29, 2009

Broken Love...


I found my wedding ring in the metal heart on what used to be my side of the bed. Is it a message?

Love, what a strange feeling and emotion. Perhaps in the beginning, we had Love. After many years and injustices, love had died. Love is gone. Perhaps this is a metaphor for our love, Cold and Hard, like the metal heart that the symbol of love in . The ring is placed in a cold, metal heart; like mine and hers has become in this relationship. Shiny, silver, stainless, white gold, but cold like our hears towards each other.

Perhaps, we did love each when we took the vows of marriage, but we do not or did not know how to love each other or what kind of love the other one needed. Or if we did try to love, it was spurned by the other and we thought that it was an injustice and a personal affront. We could not deal with how the other loved us and we wanted more than they could give. Even if we tried to do something about it, it was killed and the cycle would start again.

What one person needed as love the other could no give and they could not be happy with it; each needing it they way they wanted it, never giving to the others demands of how LOVE should be.

Perhaps this, in the end, is what and how our love died; with two cold metal hearts to one another. Not meaning that we can never love again, just never love each outer again. Perhaps if we can take one thing with us in this ending, perhaps we can learn from our mistakes, perhaps our hearts can love again somewhere down the long road that is our life. Perhaps somewhere down that road, we can try to forgive the other person of their injustices against one another and make peace in the soul and spirit...

Like Dr Strange Said, "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all." I guess that we tried to love and we all lost in the miserable end, killing what we once had, if only for a little while, that strange and wondrous thing called love...

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