Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do It Yourself Rain Gear!

How to make your own rain cover for free!

As seen on the Digital Camera website.

Being caught out in the field when the heavens open isn't good for camera gear. Fear not, keep a clear plastic bag handy and follow our guide to help you carry on shooting when the heavens open.

Bag itCut itHood up
1. Bag it
Take off your lens hood and place the bag over the lens so that a corner covers it and makes a cone shape.
2. Cut it
Keeping the bag taut, use your fingernail to rub the edge of the bag so it cuts it perfectly to the lens shape.
3. Hood up
Refit your lens hood taking care to make sure the bag doesn’t move and cover any part of the front element.

Eye eyeManhandleRefit
4. Eye eye
All SLR cameras have a removeable eye-cup. Take it off and pull the bag over it so the open end faces down.
5. Manhandle
Pinch or tear a small hole using your fingernail and pull it tight so it sits snugly around the eye-cup surround.
6. Refit
Place the eye-cup back over the mount so the bag sits in between the camera body and the eye-cup. Done!

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