Sunday, July 20, 2008

Recycling Of Waste

When we moved into out new area we had to get garbage service. The charge $16 month to pice all your yard wast and up to 10extra bag as well. The bill quarterly, so it is about 48$ every 3 months. Not to bad in my opinion,

Now on the Recycling issue. When we have lived in other areas around the country, we have dnoe the program. SO i figured i should check that service out here. The want $6 a month to pick up the Recycle Bin. Where they then take it and seperate it and sell it to reclamation centers for money. WE bought the stuff at a store, so it is OUR stuff. IF we choose to recycle, we should not have to pay for them to pick it up, We should get a credit for what we turn in. Why do we have to pay them to take it away, stuff that would have been thrown away anyway! What a Crock!@ We p[ay them to take refuse in a box thy provide so they can seperate and make money by selling it to some other facility. What a good game they have going!!

What do you think of this as i am sure that many of you who have to pay to "help the environment" in this manner? They should pay us a fee based on hoe much material er recycle that they pick up. I know some cities have the program that are free pickup of recycled materials, i would do that. Not Here! Wast Management (Wasted Management) as i have heard it called, charges us to make more money for them. Not a good idea.

SO, just put all the garbage into one bag and let them separate it out at their offices where they have to employ someone to do what we used to do and paid them for the privileged to do it. IT is just wrong!!

Now, off of my Soap Box...

What is your opinion?
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