Thursday, April 03, 2008

Let's play catch up.

It has been a while since my last text post.  I was away in St Louis for 7 days with daughter and wife.  We did the sights and saw the town so to speak.  We went into the Arch.  We went to the zoo on a very cold and kind of felt jilted.  When we arrived there, not many of the animals were out due to the temperature.  We did manage to see a few cheetahs but they were far back in their cages. I barked at them and they looked straight at us.  Some people near us laughed and then took the opportunity to shoot a few pics. They did not run to us and jump over the fence. The Elephants were out and we go lots of pics of them. We went to the Penguin area and it was really good, perhaps the best I have been to. At some other parts of the zoo, more animals were out. It was warmer by then.


We then went to the St Louis Museum of Science.  IT was really good and had lots of hands on stuff to do.  I took a many pics and I posted one of the mummy that they had on display. Here is the link to one of the three pics of that.   IF you ever make it to St Louis, go there. It is a neat building that stretches over I64.  Really cool.


Another day, we did the Anheuser-Busch brewery  tour and it was really neat. They took us to several different places in the plant. We went to one of the production lines and were told that 1200 bottles a minute were processed and that another line had 2000 cans a minute!!  That is a lot of beer! I did not realize all the products that they made. The factory was very old and it was free. Yeah.


So we also went to The Arch!  It is 635feet tall and has an observation deck on top.  I took several shots from it and made a panorama shot out of them I will post it tonight. The thing looks like a teleportation gateway to another land or dimension. We also went to the Old Court House.  That is where the Dred Scott case was heard back in 1857.  The courthouse is framed with the Arch in the back of it. I did a post of this pic several days ago.  Here is the link:  


I have now returned to normal living.  I went to the gym after being off for 2 weeks. I got my butt KICKED tonight.  I was sick when I returned from St Louis as was wife and daughter. We got in on last Thursday and then had to go to Myrtle Beach SC for a cheer competition and we were there all last weekend returning on Sunday night at 10.30pm, tired and a little worse for the road.  We all now feel better and are almost well.


I am going to close for now…


All have a good night.





"Seduction is thus a central, indeed in certain respects, the central idea, in political life.

It signifies a course of action deliberately designed by one or more interested

agents to undermine and replace some established loyalty."

Kenneth Minogue (November issue of The New Criterion)


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