Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Trading Drugs?

While i am on the road going to work, i listen to the local radio station. They always play commercials to pay for their air time and i keep hearing one for substance abuse. A person will come on and say do you or someone you know use meth, or cocaine, or alcohol? IF you, you might qualify for a study to take a pill to see if it stops the cravings of the substance(s) you take. you will be compensated with money and travel time. Please call...

This just pisses me off to know ends. On May 5, 2008; i will be 5 years clean and sober and no, i repeat no PILL helped me stop! I was in rehab for 28 days straight and worked a good program for many years afterwards to stop. I did not and do not take a pill to stay off drugs and alcohol. No one paid me to stop, i did it on my own.

My compensation for doing so is a clean, sober life. I do not have to get up and take my "no drugs" pill to stave off the cravings and insanity. But let me digress, without a spiritual awakening and the power of God; it would not have happened and or continue to happen. That is not to say i have to live my life "one day at a time;" i make future plans and i try to be the best person i can be and lead a clean healthy life.

So, i guess my point is, they might come up with a pill to make you not want to use anymore but who wants to be bound with a pill to stop taking drugs? SO you put down the crack pipe for a pill to stop; get the picture? If you want to get sober and clean it can be done. Ask for help and get into a 12-Step program that best suits you habit. AA, CA, NA, they are all good if worked correctly and with divine guidance and prayer they will and can work everyday. You can try the "pill" but you will only trade one substance for another, it might not be as bad; it might cost the same or more; you might fill the craving void, but it is not the correct way...

What is your opinion?
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  1. Hi Bob! My name is Bobby...haha! You have a very interesting blog. I've seen commercials for that drug to get off drugs and I must concur. I've been clean for three years and did it through a treatment program and I still attend NA a few times per week. It was the most difficult thing I have ever done. Though I am clean, I know how easy it is to fall. That's why I go to meetings and have people I can call upon if I need someone to talk to. I have a new life now and am loving my sobriety more than ever. I just don't see how trading one crutch for another could work for someone with a real problem. Thanks for the great post.

  2. Hey Bob....I found this post through Bobby's site. I agree with you 110% in regards to the insanity of trading one "fix" to cure another. My experience is similar to yours...all or nothing. I am coming up on my third anniversary in being clean and I did not do it by believing something outside myself (pill) could fix the ultimate problem....which is me by the way. There are no shortcuts....you need to wither buckle up and do it or surrender your life to yet another mind or mood altering substance...as for me I surrender a day at a time..and the payoff for that is my freedom!!

  3. Great Post! I found your post through Bobby's blog, too. Congrats to all of you on your strong personality!