Sunday, February 17, 2008

Religous Choices...

We went to a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday and it was interesting. The ceremony and tradition in the service was just amazing and rightly so after over 2000+ years to perfect it. I have never been a Jewish Temple nor have I seen any of the accouterments that it has. The service was about 2.5 hours long with many of the prayers sang and spoken in Hebrew. I was very impressed by the Scripture leader and how fluently he spoke from the Torah. This stirred some questions in me.

It got me to thinking that I, being a Christian, believe that in order for em to go to Heaven, i have to believe in Jesus and accept him as my personal savior, thus enabling me to go to Heaven when i die. The Jewish people do not believe that Jesus was the embodiment of God and thus from a Christian point of view, will not go to Heaven even though one was started from the other.

Christians worship Jesus and pray to Him of God. Jews pray to God only. Now this thought may go against Christianity, but we both worship the same deity God, only in a different aspect. So they do not believe in Jesus, that is not their religion. The believe in God and that is their way to Heaven. Ok. No Problem for me. I just wonder if me believing in Jesus and them believing in God; do we not all go to the same Heaven? Is their religion any better than Christianity. Or is it worse. If that is what they believe and that is their faith, then is it not correct? Our Faith is correct for our belief. Why are we so judgmental of their religion if it initially spawned ours? Was Jesus not a Jew? I guess that it all goes back to the Christian Bible, not the Torah.

I hope that someone out will enter into my discussion on this. I am very interested in their subject and welcome all comments from Christian and Jew alike. It just all made me wonder about the differentiation on this subject and why it is the way it is.

What is your opinion?
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