Friday, February 22, 2008

A recap of the last few weeks...

It has been a long week here for us. Wife has been away for business and i have been minding the house. Chel and I have gone to the gym several time and have had a good time. We are now eagerly awaiting her return. We were worried that she would not be able to fly home tonight due to the bad weather but she had no problems!

I have taken a part-time job at the place where i work. I am doing data cabling for a company called Archura. The do most of the fiber and Cat6 at the server farm. They have been great in working with my schedule.

It has been really nasty weather here the last few days and Chel hoped for a 2-hour delay in school but did not get it. We just have not been hit with an great amount of snow or ice this year. The weather man said that we will be in a very cold pattern till the end of the month, perhaps there is still time for a Winter Storm!

I have been reading lots of book this year. I finished a book called Blackwater and then i started a book called Blasphemy which i finished it Wednesday. Several years ago, i read a book by an author named John Twelve Hawks. The book was called The Traveler. I was in my "library" the other night and i saw the book and wondered if he had a new novel. I looked it up and found his newest one which i went and purchased yesterday. It is called The Dark River, the second of three novels in the Fourth Realm Trilogy I have not started it yet and perhaps i will read it next week.

I am going to ride sometime this weekend, just not sure when it will happen...

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