Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Congress's Business?

Roger Clemens? Gas? War?  Steroids?  What the hell are we electing our Congressmen for?  Who really gives a big rat’s ass about him using or not using “enhancement drugs” while playing baseball. I mean come the hell on!!  We are at WAR for God’s sake and they are worrying about steroid use.  Gas is spiraling out of control with the big gas companies turning the biggest profits with analysts predicting $4 a gallon this summer ever and Congress is worried about baseball? How will we ever get to the game?  Why are they so concerned? They are a bunch of crooks and liars themselves yet we re-elect them every 4 years.  Clemens is a professional athlete and he gave a good show for the fans. They paid him millions of dollars to do it.  Just because someone got pissed and “blew the whistle” on the practice that has gone on for numerous years, doesn't facilitate the need for Congress to get involved. If the Baseball Commissioner, Bud Selig, cant police his men how do we expect Congress to?  Get a new commissioner that can do the job. What a huge pile of shit if you ask me.


 Let the congressmen and women get back to things that really matter and get the hell out of baseball.  This nation has so lost its way in the governmental department it is just amazing.  Baseball? For all of the waste of public money this had cost the public; what good can come out of it. People go to watch a live game for the thrill and to root for their team and see a good show! What is next? Congress regulating how loud Rock Concerts should be and how long they can play? IT just amazes me about how misguided The USA has become. “Playing tonight, The National Congressional Baseball Team, Steroid Free as House Bill BR549 Mandates.”


What a monumental waste of my money…




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