Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Civic Duty...

In this time of over the cell voting, it is good and right to go out and personally cast your vote in your state's Primary Election, I did today and it felt good. If 54 million people voted in the National Elections; it would be amazing what would happen. I can understand why more people will vote for the American Who is going to be your next dancing idol while sitting at home. They feel like they are doing something with tangible results. The state primaries get the same results. You can see who wins that state. Go vote.

If you do not vote, then you have no ground to bitch about the state of affairs. You did not make your voice heard, you might say you like what the person is doing and how the country is running but when the crap hits the fan you complain and people should not pay you any mind at all. You spout your Rhetoric but you did not take you chance when you had it and when it counted. You have not leg to stand on in my opinion, yet, you will talk up a person when they are doing well. Go and use your Civic Responsibility and make your voice heard!

I guess that you can tell that I am Republican and I endorse Senator John McCain for President.
I agree with many of the issues that he talks about. I think that he has been in Washington for many years and is about as transparent as they come with all the corruption. I see McCain as a down the middle candidate and not on the Far Right or Left on Issues. He has strong stances that i believe in. He has been in Washington DC for many years and i think that he will lead this country in the right direction and keep the military strong and we need that to help protect the USA. he will deal with the illegal immigrant issue that plagues our nation.

A vote for McCain is a vote taken away from Obama!

A constitutional Obamination!

What is your opinion?
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