Thursday, January 31, 2008

Religious Shift...

It has been my experience that if you don't grow or change that you die. Take for instance the Catholic Church. Nowhere in the Bible does it say you cannot marry. Then take for example all of the issues with homosexual priests over the last 40+ years. This happens few and far between in Protestant religions of the world. I am a Methodist. It is a centrist religion as is many others like Episcopalian, Lutheran, and Baptist to a lesser extent. When I was in high school, the UMYF (United Methodist Youth Fellowship) was very crucial to me as it was a place to go and be with other teens in a safe environment. Many teens attended and it was held at different people’s houses every week and at the church on Sunday Evening.

You have to bring Religion to the people and relate it in a way that they can understand! Hellfire and Brimstone Baptist sermons are just not current to today’s populace. That is why I feel that many of the “Community” Churches are growing much more than say the Baptist Religion. Tell me where in the Bible it says that you can’t dance. We held dances after the football games and all the Baptist kids attended them as well as any other religion that we had in town. The Methodist Religion is growing by leaps and bounds due to the fact that they offer more to the people and the teen population. The Methodist Church we attend has a youth group that is well over 100+ teens that go to it. They have events that happen during the week and on Sunday evening. They have a youth band that performs at the church. You see? Bring something to the people and you have their attention. You have a safe haven for the youth that are the life-blood of the church for the new century. Without a strong youth program, the church will wither away, not grow, and finally die. I have seen it happen to many “back woods” churches as well as it can happen to city churches. I talked to a preacher over the weekend about this issue and he told me something very startling. He said that the Methodist Churches in that area were dieing due to them not changing with the times. The area is Southeast Texas, which is not the norm that I have seen but then I have not been in that area for many years, so I tend to believe him.

I guess what I am trying to convey is that if Religion as a whole does not grow and change to meet the times it will be a dead entity. I have dealt with many religious people in my time on earth, from religious fanatics to the atheist. People who try to push their religion on me, even though they mean well, turn me off to what they are saying. I can see that they try to “help” me, but some things I need to find out for myself, or ask the questions and not have their views pressed upon me. Likewise, nonreligious persons need not apply either. I believe what I believe and don't need your rhetoric either. People who spout off to be “holy” and if we place our faith in them surly fall just as Oral Roberts, Swaggart and Jim Baker. They lose their cred by being mightier than thou and condemning you for your view for they are the Religious Right or far Left and not centrist. just a few thoughts of mine.

Well, I am off for I have a few things to take care off around the house…

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