Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Morality Play?

I live in America. It used to be at one time the greatest place on earth to live. Now Rape, Robbery, and Violence like Pastor John C. Hagee in San Antonio said one day; they are the norm on the TV and the Evening News. Is America the fabled Babylon? I think so. With the evening news being about Brittany Spears and her latest romp; where is the real news? We have a whole generation of little girls that want to be like her. We have a whole generation of boys dressing like they are from prison with the saggy pants that do not fit them. Urban music is the programming media for the next generation. The media is owned by corporations and they filter what we hear and see, only letting out what is in their best interest. The declining morals of our society have been occurring for many years but I think it can be traced to a critical point when Madalyn Murray O'Hair filed suit to stop prayer in school.

We used to be a God fearing society, that is no longer the case. The United Stated was founded on Biblical Principals and we have gotten away from them; it is expressed in the moral decay that we are experiencing in our society. With our nation being flooded by illegal immigrants and the business relocating to foreign countries, what will keep us afloat? Where else in the whole world can you go and have a baby and it become a citizen with all the benefits of a true American? Nowhere ELSE! I would go back to the isolationist principals of the early 1920s through the 1940s that lead us to another war. For if we do not look out for ourselves, then who will?

We were once the shining star in the world. Now no country, save a very small few, are our friends. We try to stand for all that is good and right but clearly fall on our faces. The level of decay we are facing is in my opinion paralleled only by Rome before its fall and decay. Where else in the world will more people vote for a singer on TV than will vote for the Presidential Elections? Only in a culture, so decadent as ours can that luxury be had. People use TV as a way to escape from their real duties. People use TV as a baby sitter instead of raising their children like in days past. TV is not the answer.

Do I claim to be any better? No, I struggle each and every day to make myself better and to try to rise above the quagmire of moral morass and decay that infest the country that we live in. I am no crusader like in the days of old. I am just one voice against the ever increasing wash of white-noise generated in cyberspace.

What is your opinion?
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  1. Anonymous4:55 AM
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  2. Interesting post and I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I have wondered the same myself. What exactly is the future going to be like for the next generation? I feel we are heading into more of a hedonistic society.

    Morals? who needs them?

    Responsibility? Of course not, people will just do "what feels good" and perhaps not what is right.

    In response to your comment:

    "Where else in the world will more people vote for a singer on TV than will vote for the Presidential Elections? Only in a culture, so decadent as ours can that luxury be had.

    I have mixed feelings about this.

    Sure, I think it says a lot about us as a culture. But... I think more people are willing to vote in American Idol because they believe their voice is being heard. Unfortunately, I just don't think the majority of people believe in our political system. People just don't believe their vote matters. And not only that, it's hard to tell who you are voting for. Democrat? Republican? BOTH parties are dirty.

    At least on American Idol, you can actively see your vote at work.

    This post was longer than I anticipated and for that I apologize.

  3. Interesting... as a Canadian (but I lived in MD for 3 years) I can understand the history of the USA and where you came from and where, it seems, you are going.

    I agree that it's sad to see more people voting for American Idol than the next leader of the free world. Sometimes I think my Canadian friends and I are more interested in the election than some Americans are.

    You are a great country - it's just that this upcoming generation is being seduced by role models who have either been born into luxury (Paris, Nicole, The Hills bunch) or suceeded through violence and hatred. It's a shame that the behaving celebrities and celebrities that have actually worked for their success have their spotlight stolen by the celebs who behave badly.