Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hollywood Walk of Fame?

How the hell does or is Miley Cyrus even close to getting a star?  Actors and Actresses go their whole life without getting a star until they are dead and she at all of what 15 is about to get one?  What a load of crap!!  Those stars used to mean something like you were an established actor, not some tween star from the Dumnsey channel.  That just pisses me off to no ends.   It just goes to show you the state that Hollywood is in.




"We are all geniuses when we dream"

- E.M. Cioran


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  1. Woooooow. I didn't know she might get her own star. LOL.

    I will admit to being a BIG fan of Disney, but I'm not much into Hannah Montana. I was prejudiced against the show because I thought it was a way for her dad to relaunch his very much OVER career. But yeah, she doesn't do it for me. But success is success is success and if they want to give her a star, then good for her.